Un enfant atteint d’une maladie des os montre l’exemple pour un monde meilleur

Robbie Novak (born 2003), better known by the nickname Kid President, is an American comedian, motivational speaker, TED speaker (“Inspirer”), and a YouTube sensation, interviewing Andrew WK, Pen Ward, Rainn Wilson, and others. He obtained an interview with Josh Groban after an ambitious Twitter campaign, where he had his followers petition Josh. He has made a series of viral inspirational videos over the last few months, on a mission to “Make the world less boring,” including one which has over 10 million views on YouTube. He makes videos weekly, in collaboration with Soul Pancake. He has several catchphrases and recurring jokes, including screaming, “Not cool, Robert Frost!” (when referring to his poem The Road Not Taken), and asking “What will be your Space Jam?”.  Kid President calls himself “the voice of a generation.” On February 21, 2013, Kid President posted a video in which President Obama called Kid President to promote the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll. (Wikipedia)